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Buying a sofa? Answer these 5 questions first

Buying a sofa? Answer these 5 questions first

The sofa is like the heart of your living room. There is no better feeling than curling up on your sofa, relaxing and reading a book, or maybe lounging and watching a movie with your partner over the weekend. On the financial front, it is one of the bigger investments you will make for your living spaces and naturally, you’ll want to live with it for a long-long time. At the most basic level, you’ll be looking for oodles of comfort, quality craftsmanship and sturdy support. In addition, there will a shape, style, upholstery quality and colour matching your personal preferences and lifestyle. If you are on the threshold of buying a sofa for your home this year, here are some valuable tips and advice that will help you make the right decisions.

Buying a sofa

Sofa by Enne, Courtesy: Nakkash Gallery

How much space are you looking to cover?

Based on the size and shape of your living room, measure how much floor space you can dedicate for your sofa. Get your measuring tape out and make notes, so when you’re out shopping you can visually determine what size and shape works and what doesn’t. Take measurements at the store, if required and come home and double check if it fits within the intended space. That way, you can be absolutely sure that your sofa will sit snug in its corner without interfering with other elements in the room.

Buying a sofa

Photo courtesy: Blanc D’Ivoire

Is it comfortable?

Spend time sitting on the sofas you like to determine how comfortable they feel. Ask questions at the store about the make and quality. Also dig deep to find out and what’s under the upholstery. Does the backrest feel comfortable; are the armrests of comfortable width and height?

How sturdy does the frame feel?

Quality sofas will typically be sturdy and heavy. Frames are usually made of kiln-dried hardwood like maple, oak , birch, alder or high-quality hardwood plywood held together using industrial glue and nails. This lends it durability and sturdiness and can last you over a decade. Ideally you should be able to lift the sofa by the corner and shake its legs up a little to see if it feels wobbly. If it does, the sofa isn’t worth your time or money.

Is the sofa practical to your lifestyle?

We spoke to Leon Machenaud, General Manager at Ethan Allen, UAE and he had an interesting tip to share. “A comfortable, functional and well-designed sofa is a very difficult balance to achieve.  It can be quite hard to find. You need to analyse and understand the use of your sofa.  For example, is it in a TV room where you’ll eat a lot of pizza and spend long nights watching movies?  Is it for guests in your Majilis?  In your TV-room you will want something deep to lounge on.  In case of a formal living room, you’re looking for something narrower to sit up straight.  Another question to ask yourself is, how often do I entertain?  Also, if you enjoy TV time together with your family, consider an L-shape or a U-shape sofa that easily accommodates 4-5 people at a time.  If you’re buying for your theatre room, consider reclining sectional sofas that are lovely to lounge-in.

Buying a sofa

Photo courtesy: Ethan Allen, UAE

What are your thoughts on textiles and fabrics?

Sofas are an expensive investment; reason why you’re not going to want to change thm often. To help your sofa stay in fashion for as long as possible, select textiles that are neutral. Hard-wearing cotton and linen make for excellent choices. Alternatively high-quality synthetic microfiber fabrics are equally good, plus they come with stain-resistant properties.

Buying a Sofa

Photo courtesy: Novak Sofa, Essential Home

Avoid a choice involving prints and patterns on your sofa. Instead add colour and pattern with your choice of cushions and throws. Cushions are a very inexpensive way to decorate and can perk up your sofa in a jiffy.  If you like leather, they make for exceedingly durable choices for your sofa upholstery. Leather is both luxurious and practical, and over time can look better with some TLC.


How did you enjoy this little sofa-buying tutorial? What decor advice are you looking for? Write to me at hello@decormanzil.com and share your decor queries with me today.


Featured Image Courtesy: Ethan Allen, UAE

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