How it works ?

How it works ?

dé works by four simple steps:

1. Curated Professionals & Décors:

Home designers and remodeling professionals can sign up and showcase their profile, contact details and portfolios of residential and commercial properties designs of completed or on-going projects. Décor sellers can sign up and post décor/furniture ads. This increases their customer reach significantly, all without any cost with free registration. The showcased profiles and portfolios will be subjected to community reviews and user ratings.

2. Discover & Be Inspired: 

The platform provides home and commercial property owners a hassle free one-stop-solution at their fingertips. A place where they can easily obtain their required designs, professional services and décor products, have peace of mind thanks to user ratings and reviews and be inspired by portfolios showing creative and cutting edge ideas.

3. Connect & Inquire:

Users can sign up for free and connect with their desired expert and sellers after having read community reviews, ratings, made enquiries free of charge and researched the portfolios on display.

4. Hire & Start Project:

Hire suitable design expert and / or purchase suitable décor/furniture products and get started on a project immediately with very minimum hassle.

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